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Whoa, is this real life or are we just dreaming? In Paris for Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian may have just taken the most daring plunge in her entire career – she’s gone platinum blonde! Heading out to Balmain’s Fall 2015 show, Kim Kardashian showcased her new locks stepping forward with husband, Kanye West, in tow. Fashion wise, in honor of heading to the Balmain show, Kim wore an entire black get-up of head-to-toe Balmain. Social media reached an uproar as Kim uploaded a photo of her hair on Instagram before stepping out.

Paparazzi were everywhere in Paris, including Parisian fans who were all locked and ready to snap a photo of the American reality television star. Going for a look that certainly stunned us all, Kim did not dye her brows, keeping them dark which really off set her all black look as well. The jacket worn by Kim is from the Balmain 2015 collection that had not even hit the runway yet – talk about real connections! Black coat, black tights, and even black pumps – all in contrast with her mighty bright hair truly had fans all over the world bickering over whether this new look was entirely flattering on Kim.

As we’ve seen before, Kim really seems to know how to push the envelope when it comes to starting up a ruckus around yourself! We wanna know what you guys think about her and daring blonde hair? Do you prefer the platinum blonde or hope she dyes it back to black real soon?!

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  1. Brianne Wilkins Reply

    I love her new hair!! She looks so exotic with it

  2. marisela peraza Reply

    Honestly, she’s really rocking the blonde look well. Props to Kim

  3. Marni H. Reply

    I really really like it. she has a more edgy, sort of oriental look now

  4. tiffany docherty Reply

    i think the blonde hair makes the work done on her face THAT much more visible
    kim go back to dark!!!!

  5. Mandy Reply

    her hair looks like a hot mess
    kanye needs to stop telling this woman how to dress and what to look like b/c he is so off

  6. tyisha carlon Reply

    she looks awful, 2 much black!!

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