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It seems that the Kardashian’s are all the rage recently! With their constant contributions to the world of fashion, it’s almost hard to make a post about recent trends without mentioning one of the Kardashian’s themselves. Kim, the arguably most popular of the bunch, was recently photographed leaving Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood in an iconic outfit. Kim Kardashian’s Wolford Fatal Dress has made headlining news ever since Kim wore the nude colored dress this past summer. The nude shade of the dress is what really made the dress such a  statement making controversy.

Although it is no longer summer, Kim found a way to take a summer classic and turn into a more winter vibe feel. Since living in Los Angeles means having warm sunny weather, Kim Kardashian has found that adding summer pieces into her outfit choices comes with no real “winter backlash”. In order to add some warmth into her very summer dress, Kim paired the tube top dress with a Givenchy Fall 2014 Chocolate Leather Cardigan. Kim finished the look off with a beautiful pair of $475 Alexander Wang Beige Antonia Sandals. This color combo of beige and chocolate really suits Kim and her complexion as it adds an incredible warmth and glow to her already killer complexion.

What do you guys think of Kim Kardashian’s warm chocolate brown Givenchy cardigan and outfit repeated beige bodycon dress? Is it a killer combo or a complete fashion miss? You be the judge and decide!

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  1. leigha briant Reply

    kim looks really great!!!

  2. yvette p. Reply

    y’know, i like when celebs can repeat an outfit
    makes them seem more down to earth and not like they’re buying new clothes every single day

  3. julia chen Reply

    always loved that dress on kim, really makes her body look amazing 🙂

  4. victoria howell Reply

    simple & chic!! I love it 🙂

  5. Marlena Reply

    thats such a flattering color on kim honestly

  6. amanda mcadam Reply

    eh, kind of overplayed that dress at this point
    kim needs 2 try something new

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