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Kim Kardashian is one of the most influential style icons there is. If there is a new fashion trend, Kim is always on the scene pulling it off flawlessly! Kim Kardashian was seen photographed looking extremely chic and trendy as she walked throughout the city. This outfit is completely well dressed yet also hassle free. Kim is wearing a plain grey, low cut round neck tee exposing the perfect amount of cleavage. On top of this tee she chose to wear an extremely stylish long fitted blazer making her outfit look much more work appropriate yet fashionable at the same time.

To really make her outfit stand out she decided to don a pair of bright red liquid leather skinny jeans that really made the outfit more suitable for fall! Of course, when it came to shoes, Kim Kardashian is always known to rock some fabulous heels! On her feet are a pair of fully strapped red heels that look extremely sexy completing the whole outfit. If you’re looking for a similar pair of Kim Kardashian’s stylish heels then the Charline De Luca Regina Leather Lace-Up sandals are a perfect dupe for Kim’s!

These extremely cute heels are gorgeous for spring, summer and fall, and although they may be a bit pricy, they are definitely worth it. This outfit is extremely easy to achieve and the pieces can be found for extremely affordable prices. Check out your local Forever 21 and H&M for these simple pieces and create your own stylish Kim Kardashian look!

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  1. Arianna Reply

    she is seriously my fav style icon!!! =]

  2. eve Reply

    Kim is gorgeous…I would kill to have her figure… >.<

  3. nicolette Reply

    She is super stylish! Such a pro 🙂

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