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Kim Kardashian is the ultimate fashionista. When it comes to a new trend, Kim is always seen rocking it. She keeps up with what’s in and new, and that’s what we love about her! Usually seen rocking large waves and glamorous outfits, Kim Kardashian kept it simple and chic when it came to this fall look. Kim is seen photographed above wearing a gorgeous black jacket that is lightweight and reaches to her waist. Since it is fall the weather does begin to cool but not enough to throw on the heavy stuff, that is why we love Kim Kardashian’s choice in coat. The cut on this jacket is very unique and frames her figure nicely.

Kim Kardashian kept her bottoms simple as she wore a pair of black leggings underneath her coat. Leggings are definitely a taboo topic in the fashion world, some people loathe them while others appreciate them, and in this instance we love Kim Kardashian’s choice in styling them. Kim Kardashian kept this graceful outfit looking fierce when it came to her shoes. Kim is seen wearing a pair of sleek black booted heels with what appears to be fur on the inside – hopefully for Kim’s sake that’s faux fur.

These gorgeous booted heels featured buckles running across them and would be gorgeous for fall weather. Kim Kardashian accessorized her chic look with a long knit grey sweater that hung around her neck loosely creating a very relaxed and laidback vibe. To finish this ensemble, Kim opted for a pair of aviator styled black sunglasses and went on with her day!

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  1. Marlena Reply

    her booties are extremely cute 🙂

  2. helen Reply

    nice outfit…looks comfy 🙂

  3. marisol Reply

    lovely, this is great 4 lazy days =]

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