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Whoa – hottie alert central! Do the Kardashian women ever quit? It seems not with Khloe’s latest venture. Looking absolutely and flawlessly stunning, Khloe Kardashian graced the cover of Cosmopolitan’s UK Feb 2015 cover. This is one Kardashian sister that just won’t quit. After coming back from a shaky break up from Lamar Odom and beginning a new relationship with rapper, French Montana, Khloe has had lots of emotional ups and downs recently. Finally back to what seems to be her normal and happy snarky self, Khloe looked absolutely stunning and ravishing in her photos from Cosmo.

Our absolute favorite photo of Khloe from the shoot? Well, it would have to be one of her laid out across the bed on her back, posing in an extremely seductive way! Khloe looks just way too hot! Wearing a cute little fuzzy pink sweater and no bottoms except for panties (scandalous!), Khloe appeared effortlessly beautiful. In the photo, Khloe’s long lashes and dark smoldering makeup look gave her photoshoot in the bedroom a very private and provocative appearance. Her pale pink lipstick matched perfectly with her fuzzy pink sweater, simultaneously giving her look an air of sweetness and innocence.

Overall, Khloe’s daring bedroom photos really took the cake for Cosmo. Looking as beautiful as ever, Khloe has made sure to mark her name into the media, making sure her sister Kim isn’t the only one gaining the spotlight. From heartbreak to heartthrob, Khloe Kardashian sure knows how to pose beautifully!


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  1. cami Reply

    so happy 4 khloe, she looks great 🙂

  2. estella upson Reply

    damn, her makeup game on point here!!!!

  3. Tianna Hossain Reply

    that sweater she has on is adorable, i think i saw something similar in Forever 21

  4. mindi burrage Reply

    khloe is by far my fav from the fam, she’s so funny & down to earth

  5. Harmony Reply

    wow khloe looks so amazing 🙂

  6. dionna a. Reply

    khloe looks hot!!!

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