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Step aside Kim Kardashian – there’s a new queen coming to town, and she’s related to you as well. Khloe Kardashian has been absolutely killing it with her fashion and beauty looks lately. Once condemned for being the ‘fat’ sister, Khloe has made it her personal mission to keep in shape and stay beautiful. With the launch of her fitness app, Khloe has been showing other women how she achieved such a rocking body. This past weekend, Khloe was spotted exiting out of Bunim Murray Studios in a laid-back look that showcased her figure perfectly.

For the day out, Khloe wore a very low cut olive green bodysuit with a simple pair of high waisted denims. The olive green suit featured a plunging neckline, giving Khloe an outstandingly provocative appeal without being too over the top. Her high waisted skinny jeans featured a distressed design on both knees, giving the look a laid-back feel without having to compromise on feeling sultry and show stopping. Finishing off the look, Khloe wore a simple pair of suede pumps to give her some added height while shaping her legs up as well. Her choice of gold accessories illuminated the entire outfit even more so, brightening up and adding more character to the rather simple get-up.

Chloe was certainly ‘slaying’ the game with this look – we can’t get over just how hot her entire ensemble is! What do you guys think of Khloe Kardashian’s weekend look? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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  1. Gloria Rives Reply

    KoKo is looking good (y)

  2. susana higgs Reply

    ooooh she looks good!!!!

  3. camille Reply

    i want this bodysuit

  4. jennifer rowsey Reply

    super chic & simple
    i feel like the shoes didn’t do the look justice tho :/

  5. Tessie P. Reply

    She looks perfect!!!!

  6. serena Reply

    OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!!

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