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For this Easter Sunday, Kendall Jenner felt the need to dress quite provocatively and flashy for Sunday Mass with her family. Although not uncommon for the Kardashian-Jenner clan to stir up the pot and cause quite an eruption, we somehow have to question the church appropriateness of Kendall’s outfit. Holding hands with sister, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall wore a Bec & Bridge Entrained Halter Top, O’2nd Priscilla Wide Leg Wrap Pants and Tom Ford Nappa Leather Lace Up Gold Pumps. What we found most controversial about the look was Kendall’s exposed midriff. On a regular day, Kendall’s midriff showing would not even bat an eye, but many people were hitting up the Internet with some backlash over the young model’s choice in church appropriate clothing.

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  1. alexandria brighton Reply

    this really is inappropriate for church in all honesty

  2. holly villanova Reply

    Does this family really have no shame?!

  3. Karine Swiger Reply

    it’s a beautiful outfit if we’re being serious, perfect for a dinner or a night out in the club
    but for sunday mass? i’m not religious but even i feel as tho it’s a tad bit inappropriate

  4. emma s. Reply

    I’m too distracted by how good Khloe looks!! Go Khloe!!

  5. tania sojka Reply

    ok idc about anything but the killer gold pumps she has on!!! like wow :0

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