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The younger of the clan, little Miss Kendall Jenner, had vowed to make a name for herself outside the realms of her Kardashian reality TV star older sisters and mother. The young nineteen-year-old has been working her butt off hard to make a name for herself in the modeling industry, as she has been spotted walking down nearly ever runway lately. Having posed for the holy grail book itself, Vogue, and even walked the protest way in cat walk fashion during Chanel’s runway show, Kendall has been doing a pretty good job at disassociating herself from the Kardashian clan name.

However, many career obstacles still face the young and beautiful Kendall as she attempts to break even more barriers in the modeling industry. It seems that the juiciest details surround the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and Kendall Jenner have been the absolute talk of the town. It seems that young Kendall had her heart set out on donning a pair of angel wings at this year’s fashion show. The talk about town seems to confirm that from the list of lucky ladies chosen to don a pair of angel wings on the most watched and televised runway event, Kendall Jenner was not one of them.

A low blow if you ask us, but it seems that the nineteen-year-old still has a big reputation to build in the fashion world that simply donning the name Kardashian cannot buy you. However, there is always next year! Maybe we’ll see Kendall tearing up the runway then, until then we’ll all be enjoying the show from the same point of view.

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  1. kay Reply

    that’s actually kind of shocking to me, she’s been doing really well for herself

  2. fran Reply

    she’s still young, she’ll probably have a better chance next year

  3. mary Reply

    finally something that having the name or association with Kardashian can’t get you

  4. Michelle Reply

    kendall is gorgeous, VS made the wrong decision

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