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Kendall Jenner is Hollywood’s latest upcoming model. This brunette beauty is a fashionista just like her older sisters and always comes out looking fabulous. Kendall Jenner was pictured going to a recording of the popular E! Show “Fashion Police.” No surprise that she was asked to appear on the show with her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, as both are incredible fashionistas!

Kendall’s outfit was definitely spring appropriate as she was seen wearing a stunning pastel turtleneck crop top. This color looked magnificent against her fair complexion. For bottoms, Kendall Jenner chose a beautifully printed colored skirt that was high-waisted and featured a small slit towards the end. Kendall kept her shoes neutral as she wore a pair of nude heels that showed off her slender, long legs. Kendall Jenner kept her gorgeous locks parted in the middle, like her older sister Kim Kardashian, and kept them loosely waved as they flowed unto her shoulders.

Kendall Jenner is definitely a natural beauty and that showed as she accentuated her long lashes with mascara and her almond shaped eyes with eyeliner. This look is definitely one of our favorites. Kendall Jenner’s outfit is so simple and classy and shows off her slim model frame perfectly. She kept the look quite sophisticated, but if you’re looking to spice up a more elegant ensemble don’t be afraid to throw in a few gold or silver pieces into it. If Kendall was looking for a statement piece to throw onto this lovely outfit, a bright chunky turquoise necklace would look stunning for a throw of pop color!

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  1. jennifer Reply

    She has such a perfect body :/ And awesome fashion sense

  2. Sarah Reply

    I love Kendall’s style!!! Stealing this look <3333

  3. erica Reply

    I am going to go on a hunt for that turtle neck! This look is too perf!! CANT EVEN HANDLE IT :)))))

  4. Nadia Reply

    she has such a unique style….i can’t get enough…that skirt is gorgeous 😀

  5. samantha Reply

    This look is ON POINT!!

  6. gabi Reply

    Kendall rocked that skirt! So unbelievably chic 😀

    • That’s really thninikg out of the box. Thanks!

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