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When it comes to fashion and style the Kardashian-Jenner clan have got to down packed. No group of women have successfully dressed themselves so well and for such long periods of time like these girls have. From the oldest sister, Kourtney, to the youngest sister, Kylie, the love for fashion runs in their blood. With Kim holding the front end of the sisterhood together for so long, it’s lovely to see the younger Jenner sisters begin to shine in the spotlight. Kendall Jenner, the second youngest sister of the clan, has been having her fun engaging the world of modeling, fashion, and clothing design.

Photographed strolling through Beverly Hills on her way to an event, Kendall Jenner was seen in a fabulously chic little get-up. Kendall wore a distressed, cut-up, denim short-sleeved top – an incredibly chic and edgy choice. In order to give such a tough girl top a little bit of feminine sweetness, Kendall paired the cut-up denim top with some gorgeous white, capri slacks. Finishing off the look, Kendall wore a pair of beautiful white Saint Laurent sandals that added an even more stylish and classy appeal to her overall look. Accessory-wise, Kendall brought along a beautiful, black Celine Nano Bag, and a pair of large black, Rayban styled sunglasses.

Overall, this look would absolutely fall into our favorite mixtures of edgy and sweet. Kendall found the perfect blend of both worlds, which is no surprise to us having come from a family with such fashionable older siblings!

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  1. Darla Reply

    chic look 🙂

  2. lavone mcfate Reply

    she is beyond gorgeous
    tall, beautiful, and amazing fashion sense?! yes please 😀

  3. deann Reply

    kendall is legit my fashion icon!!!!!!!

  4. Alanna Coleman Reply

    kendall’s outfit is on point <33

  5. sharice brunner Reply

    luv the top, super edgy and just my style 🙂

  6. cora constante Reply

    dang, kendall is slaying it with this one!

  7. Heck yeah this is exltcay what I needed.

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