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The celebs have been out in the streets of New York City and they have been stepping out in some of their most stylish get-ups. This week, model and reality TV star, Kendall Jenner, was spotted walking through the Big Apple in a super casual, retro look. Rocking a green coat that brought so much life to the overall simplicity of her look, Kendall was killing it in the fashion arena this week. Models are notoriously known for wearing some of the finest fashion pieces and this Jenner gal is no exception to the rule, especially coming from a line of fashionable women.

For her look, Kendall wore a stunning Givenchy¬†Fall 2016 Menswear Cobra Embellished Mesh Cutout Oversized Bomber Jacket. The jacket is incredibly cute and was spotted on the men’s runway dressed in various ways, with hoodies and trousers galore. The jacket was certainly the accent piece of the look, as the rest of Kendall’s outfit consisted of a light wash pair of high waisted denim skinnies that she paired up with a black bodysuit. Even though the weather in New York City has been pretty warm these days, Kendall decided to finish off the look with a pair of patent leather ankle boots. As far as accessories go, Kendall sported a stylish pair of black sunglasses, a black choker necklace and an adorable black chain purse at her side.

We love Kendall’s retro fab look and think the jacket she had on was incredibly stylish! What do you guys think of Kendall Jenner’s look?

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  1. Sasha Via Reply

    Kendall looks just like Kim in this photo

  2. katie evensen Reply

    kendall looks fantastic

  3. Tari Divers Reply

    seems a bit over dressed for the weather in the city the past couple of days

  4. samara phares Reply

    she looks cute but the outfit is not summer appropriate

  5. pamela lindon Reply

    the boots are amazing but i would save this look for the fall

  6. Catina Poitra Reply

    i love the look

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