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Kendall Jenner is looking absolutely city chic as she walked around New York City with her Kardashian clan. All the sisters seem to be blessed with an incredible eye for fashion and that shows, as Kendall was photographed below/above. Kendall is wearing an incredibly beautiful color block dress that compliments her slender long frame. The bright turquoise adds a gorgeous pop of color to this all-neutral colored look. A look like this is perfect for the spring season. Over this stunning color blocking dress, Kendall chose to give off a more chic city sleek look with a mini all black blazer.

This blazer gives off a more business look while still looking incredibly fashionable. Kendall Jenner wore a pair of black tights underneath which would be perfect for spring as the weather isn’t exactly scorching yet, just mildly cool. Kendall kept it simple with a pair of black-heeled boots that made her legs seem as though they go on for miles. Accessories-wise, Kendall Jenner kept it elegant by wearing a few silver rings onto one hand and a simple silver chained necklace. When it came to accessories Kendall didn’t over do it.

Kendall Jenner kept her gorgeous chocolate brown locks sleek and straight while parted to the middle giving off a more mature vibe from this teenager. She kept her makeup bare as she usually does when she’s out about except for some gloss emphasizing her put and mascara to elongate her lashes with some eyeliner. This look is extremely adorable and a must have for spring.

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  1. Naya Reply

    what a fabulous outfit 🙂 that skirt is so poppin

  2. frida Reply

    her outfits r always 2 die 4….i wish i had her fashion sense!!! ;(

  3. wendy Reply

    So beautiful…her legs are soooo long!!!

  4. lena Reply

    so gorgeous! i could wear something like this around the outfit , actually

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