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Keke Palmer was looking all sorts of fabulous as she checked her phone with a cup of Jamba Juice in her other hand. It’s not every day that we can all behold such an adventurous look that will absolutely turn the heads of everyone that passes by, but Keke seemed to have that nailed down immediately. Strutting her stuff in a bra top, trousers and a blazer, Keke’s look was as chic as street style gets. After seeing photos of her pop up online, many of you asked us for the exact details on Keke’s wardrobe, so we went to work to figure out all of the info!

It seems that rocked a $250 Armani Exchange V-Neck Tunic Blazer, along with a Moschino Bra Top, a pair of $795 Tamara Mellon Tiger Patent Leather Sandals and $44 ASOS High Waisted Peg Stripe Trousers. The entire outfit is definitely envy worthy as we can’t help but want to splurge on all of the pieces Keke wore. We love how most of the outfit has been comprised of neutral shades, such as the white blazer and navy blue striped trousers, which was then given a pop of color with the bright yellow Moschino bra top. A bright orange lip gave Keke’s look an even more fabulous look and she stunned at WB Studios.

So we want to know, what do you guys think of Keke’s hot look?! Are you willing to take the plunge and splurge on her outfit details?! Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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  1. Bertha Huber Reply

    Love this outfit!

  2. graciela castiglione Reply

    wow keke looks great here 🙂

  3. cindie suarez Reply

    keke is slaying it here w her look

  4. toshia h. Reply

    loveeee it
    great use of colors & patterns!!!

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