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Katy Perry was really ‘on fire’ during her performance at the Super Bowl yesterday. The pop singing sensation rode onto the field on a huge animatronic lion that was man powered at the very bottom while singing her hit song “Eye of the Tiger”. Taking the crowd’s breath away, Katy’s main outfit involved a fire blazing look that literally caught fire on the internet as everyone rushed to make commentary and create wild meme’s comparing the singer to silly movie references such as Will Ferrel in Blades of Glory.

Katy Perry’s fiery mini dress was incredibly designed as the dress featured flaming shoulders that gave her look a crazy edginess as she sang her heart out. Katy Perry’s dark black ponytail shined bright as she waved her head back and forth, really getting into her performance. Katy Perry paired up the fiery orange and yellow designed dress with some sensational silver sequined, sparkly heels. In the midst of her performance, Katy Perry also managed to change outfits to fit the theme of each song. One look included a red, white, blue, and yellow bra top and skirt while singing “Teenage Dream” with some fabulous sharks dancing in the background.

Overall, Katy Perry’s performance and outfit changes were incredibly fun and enjoyable to see. Bringing out a 90s feel, Missy Elliott also joined Katy on stage, sporting a true 90s gangster hip hop outfit that pleased many. What did you guys think of Katy Perry’s dress and performance? Let us know!

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  1. Shila Reply

    katy perry killed it with her performance!!!!

  2. ruthie a. Reply

    i absolutely adored her looks, especially the one with the dancing sharks lol

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