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Kanye West has just revealed his fashion line in accordance with Adidas that featured sports line looks. The numerous supply of A-lister’s that attended the fashion show had it running headlines as big names from Jay-Z and Beyonce to Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of Vogue, all in attendance. Along with the incredible list of attendees, Kanye’s line of sportswear also caught the attention of the media with it’s very revealing designs as many of the outfits featured sheer pieces. With some of the model’s walking down the runway in practically visible tops, Kanye however kept his wife’s younger sister Kylie in a more conservative get-up as she walked down the runway.

In photographs, Kim Kardashian supported her hubby and his line all the way by wearing an entire outfit of Yeezy’s. A pair of brown pantyhose-like, high waisted leggings, a sheer under top and a grey sports bra were all put together for Kim’s look. Although a bit on the casual side, since the line is more gym apparel, Kim wore a camouflage parka on top of the look to cover up a bit and add a sassy edge. Little North West even joined in on the unveiling as Kanye dressed his daughter in an all black outfit complete with bulletproof vest (questionable fashion choice, if you ask us).

Overall, with the A-list celebrity list and questionable fashion choices in the actual Kanye fashion line, Yeezus was able to pull the necessary publicity to get his new line noticed by the fashion industry.


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  1. Brandee Martin Reply

    not sure y kanye thought a bulletproof vest was appropriate for his child, smh

  2. marcie alsonso Reply

    I saw some other photos of beyonce and diddy sitting in the front row…they did not look amused
    sorry kanye!!!

  3. fawn Reply

    the collection was half naked women in supposed sports wear…idk about this fashion line kanye

  4. rafaela lambrecht Reply

    kim’s makeup was on point tho

  5. grace Reply

    beyonce & kim looked extremely pretty in the bottom photo

  6. katherine mccaster Reply

    at least kim is supporting her husband like a devoted wife should
    the look is meant to be sports wear, not gala appropriate people!

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