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For a mom of two and woman of 45 years old, Jennifer Lopez still looks just as amazing as she did when she first stepped into the scene. This woman has not aged a day, in fact, she may just be aging in reverse if you ask us! Besides looking absolutely hot for a woman and mother of her age, J. Lo has been killing in with every fashion look that she has tried on! From classy chic to sultry temptress, Jennifer Lopez is not one to be messed with!

Photographed leaving the offices at NBC, J. Lo was looking incredible in an Emanuel Ungaro turquoise dress. The turquoise dress complemented Jennifer’s golden glowing complexion, giving her an added air of classy aged beauty. The dress itself was a turtleneck, keeping her upper body warm and covered, while the bottom half of the dress gave the look an entirely different appeal. Strutting with some insanely toned and gorgeous legs, Jennifer flashed us an upper thigh through the high slit cut on the left side of her dress.

Adding to the look, J. Lo paired the dress up with a pair of shiny gold heels and some golden jewelry, such as a chunky bracelet and large golden hoops. What can we say? J. Lo is performing the seemingly impossible by looking absolutely gorgeous, staying fashionably on point, and keeping her career alive as well! Go J. Lo!


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  1. Anna Reply

    would you take a look at those legs! jlo looks great

  2. tiffany Reply

    she is a gorgeous woman!! always has been!

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