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Jennifer Lopez is a hottie with a body! It was a truly big birthday celebration for the newly 46-year-old, as she celebrated with a huge birthday bash at 1OAK. When taking one look at Jennifer Lopez, one would instantly doubt her age. This woman seems to never age, and she still looks as hot as ever. Posing for some exclusive photographs before entering her birthday bash, J.Lo wore a tight black dress that revealed just how well shaped her body has stayed. J.Lo is the perfect example of what staying fit and eating right can do for you.

For the occasion, J.Lo wore a Bao Tranchi Black Sheer Cutout Dress. Many other female celebrities have rocked this brand before, such as Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. It seems that this brand is no stranger to the many beautiful female celebrities in Hollywood. What made J.Lo’s dress so provocative was the various cutouts and sheer displays throughout the design of the dress. The dress cuts out on the very sides, revealing some seriously toned tummy. As far as the sheer portion, J.Lo’s famously known booty was shown off on the sides. J.Lo finished off the look with a simple pair of black open toed pumps and a fabulous black clutch by her side.

Although the look was pretty racy for some of us, we can’t help but applaud J.Lo for looking just so amazing at 46! Not many of us could pull off the look quiet as fabulously as she did!


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