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Jennifer Lopez was killing it at American Idol’s stop in New Orleans. The gorgeous Latina singer, actress, and dancer is never caught missing a beat – not even when it comes to fashion. Her gorgeous dress was a black and white, 60s inspired, capped sleeved dress. The dress reached above mid-thigh giving it a risqué look with such a conservative top. The scalloped detailing on the bottom of the dress was definitely remnant of 60s fashion bombs and icons, as scalloped clothing was very big in that era. The black bow in the middle of the dress that extends onto the end has a schoolgirl feel that gives the dress a very youthful appeal.

Jennifer Lopez’s dress was a Valentino, selling for $3,490! Yikes, what a price! The price proved worthy as Jennifer Lopez looked gorgeously fierce, yet dainty and feminine is such a unique get-up. Her gorgeous black, square shaped with silver outer detailing earrings brought more glam to the overall look. J.Lo’s black pumps reached sky high as she showed off her perfectly sculpted legs. For a mom of two Jennifer looks amazing!

If you’re willing to splurge on a gorgeous Valentino dress like J.Lo’s then go for it! If you’re looking to recreate a look like this on your own you can start by purchasing a white t-shirt dress at any retail store and pairing it off with a black skinny tie. All the chicness of J.Lo’s look at more than half the price range!

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  1. Emily Reply

    very cute dress!

  2. joanne Reply

    kind of makes her look like a pilgrim..don’t love it

  3. Katie Reply

    she seriously hasn’t aged a day. Jlo looks fabulous 🙂

  4. Tiana Reply

    smh..wish i had the $$ 4 a dress lyke that

  5. victoria Reply

    luv the dress <3333

  6. Dana Reply

    super retro! i would recreate this look for sure!

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