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The world of fashion has evolved exponentially throughout the years. Throughout the decades, fashion has continued to change with no trend ever lasting for far too long. It seems almost unreal to think that there was once a time when showing just the slightest bit of skin on a woman was considered controversial. These days, it seems that the more revealing the outfit, the more liberated the woman behind it. This week, the always so gorgeous, Jenna Dewan-Tatum was spotted posing for photographs at The Hateful Eight Hollywood Premiere. When it comes to red carpet events, celebrity females do not take their fashion code lightly, as seen with Jenna’s quite sultry choice of dress.

For the Hollywood premiere, Jenna wore a Marchesa Spring 2016 Sheer Lace Corset Gown. The sheer material of the dress comes with a fine detailed design of floral patterns all throughout the gown. Worn with a black high waisted under piece in order to keep from overexposing oneself, Jenna looked absolutely darling in the gown. While some may question how incredibly sheer the material is on its own, it seems that all of Jenna’s assets are carefully kept hidden. Jenny finished the look off with a simple black clutch at her side, while she kept her hair pulled back in a low bun to keep the dress the center of attention.

We’re really love the gown that Jenna wore for the night out! However, we want to know what you guys think of Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s look. Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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  1. Greta B. Reply

    I love the dress, I think she looks phenomenal

  2. leida gardenhire Reply

    wow!!! love this!!!

  3. Mattie Reply

    Channing is such a lucky guy, his wife is stunning 🙂

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