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If shoes are your addiction we’re about to make your cravings that much worse! Nasty Gal is one of our favorite online stores to shop at for the most amazing new fashion trends, so it’s no wonder that we found the perfect shoe while browsing through the site! The Jeffrey Campbell Lazlo Heel is definitely a unique and stunning shoe that will have heads turning and girls envious at the very sight of you wearing them. Take a look for yourself if you don’t believe us!

Jeffrey Campbell is known for strikingly bold shoe fashion and these are no exception. The gorgeous white, knee-high heels are adorned with a unique lace detailing in the back. A single toe strap in the front with a thin stacked heel work together to create the perfect heel. The design has an uncanny resemblance to a gladiator styled sandal but with much added flair.

The shoes are priced at $250 on Nasty Gal’s website. Although the shoes are a bit pricey they are well worth the splurge! A perfect heel like this can be dressed up or down for an out of this world look. For casual days, pair these heels up with a little black spaghetti strapped dress or a printed loose fitting tee and high waisted shorts.For something a bit more glamorous, dress the shoes up with a high waisted black A-line skirt and crop top for a hot nighttime look!

Whichever look you choose to go with, these Jeffrey Campbell heels are definitely a must-have for any shoe addict!

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  1. tina Reply

    OK, i’m sold…I need this pair!!!

  2. allegra Reply

    i hope they’re as comfortable as they look b/c i loveeee them!!!

  3. erica Reply

    gorgeous heels 🙂

  4. Holly Reply

    in loveee <33 i'm a huge fan of unique shoe styles
    this is fab

  5. Caroline Reply

    i own a pair of jeffrey campbell booties they’re my absolute favorite pair of shoes
    these heels look amazing! might consider buying them hmmm

  6. marjorie Reply

    i adore jeffrey campbell shoes!!! my absolute fav brand <3

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