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Jennifer Lopez is a serious role model for those of us who plan on looking amazing well into our 40s. It’s almost as if the singer and actress has never aged a day since she first stepped out into the scene. Looking hotter than even, J.Lo embraced a totally retro style for role as a judge on the hit reality series, American Idol. Bringing the 70s back, J.Lo reminded us all just how hot flared outfits could look. The jumpsuit J.Lo wore was a flared leg halter neck jumpsuit by Vatanika. Jennifer definitely blew us all away by just how hot see appeared!

The jumpsuit was a beautiful white shade that complemented her bronze complexion. The white color of the jumpsuit made J.Lo appear even tanner and more sun kissed than usual. The bottom of the jumpsuit features a highly flared design, covering up any shoes that J.Lo may have worn them with. The look was also incredibly body hugging, showcasing J.Lo’s defined and toned body. To finish off the look, J.Lo wore an arraignment of different gold jewelry pieces. Big gold hoop earrings, a few gold bracelets, and a few rings all brought the look together and threw some color into the mix. As usual, J.Lo wore her hair pulled back in a sleek ponytail, showcasing her beautiful facial features.

We’re absolutely obsessed with J.Lo’s American Idol look. What do you guys think of J.Lo’s retro style? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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  1. anabel bodkin Reply

    so pretty

  2. Allana Reply

    J.Lo looks amazing!!!

  3. rhonda p. Reply

    this outfit is amazing

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