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Nicole Scherzinger was photographed most recently at a London fashion show, donning a look that made us question her own fashion sensibility. The gorgeous singer was seen in an outfit not quite to our accustomed norm of her. Seen in the photograph, Nicole is wearing a bright red, cropped sweater top. The sweater top has some embellished designs that look like flowers or a sort of random pattern.

The leather pencil skirt that Nicole adorned is a great staple piece, however, the etched on design would not be our top pick. The design on the pencil skirt features boldly colored shooting stars of yellow, red, and blue colors. To finish off the look, the singer wore a pair of laced booties that were quite chic, bringing a hint of normality to the entire look.

Overall, Nicole’s pieces on their own are not horrendous crimes to fashion. The red cropped top, although bold in design, can be complemented with a more simple bottom. Perhaps even a lack of embellishment on the design of the sweater top. The black leather skirt with printed shooting stars is also a cute statement piece on it’s own. When paired up, unfortunately, the look becomes too overwhelming.

Nicole has broken the cardinal rule of simplicity. Overbearing pieces can cancel each other out, leaving you with an unidentifiable style. We leave the final decision to you guys! Was Nicole Scherzinger’s look a perfect combo or a look that should not be repeated?!

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  1. liz Reply

    eh…not feelin this look

  2. Beatrice Reply

    actually think its’s kind of funky and cozy 🙂

    • Woot, I will certainly put this to good use!

  3. antonia Reply

    she looks like a hot mess IMO

  4. Josephine Reply

    yea i think the pieces would look better not paired up together
    separate they’re cute pieces

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