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Does Gwen Stefani ever age? We think not! The gorgeous singer, song-writer extraordinaire has looked like 20 for at least 20 years now!! What is this woman’s secret? A mother of three, Gwen seems completely at ease whenever spotted with her children, looking as serene as possible. In the latest update on the singer, Gwen was seen shopping it up with her youngest son, Apollo. Her son looked absolutely adorable as she held him in her arms with his cute attire and binky in mouth! But what really caught our attention was Gwen Stefani’s absolutely eccentric style.

Never blending in, no matter what year it is or how old she gets, Gwen has always marched to the beat of her own drum. When singing as main vocalist for rock band, No Doubt, Gwen’s crazy style and erratic hair do’s caught the band just as much attention as the awesome music vibes this. In this photo, Gwen is seen wearing an Adidas black and white track suit jacket, pairing that casual attire up with some truly sporty black and white tweed pants. A large white t-shirt is seen popping through the Adidas jacket – her looks absolutely casual fab!

Gwen’s shoes also fit perfectly into the mix as she wore a pair of black and white heeled sneakers! Gwen looked incredibly comfortable without sacrificing her stylish edge! How many of us could have rocked a similar look like Gwen’s? Not many! This chick has just got it, and we’re glad to see her stylish roots have not deteriorated over the years.

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  1. Amelia K. Reply

    gwen looks great, her son is just 2 cute!!!!!!

  2. shana carr Reply

    her outfit is a little outdated, adidas jacket??? really…smh

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