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A big showcasing of fashion occurred today in London as many A-list celebrities joined together for the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty gala dinner. Celebrities from Victoria Beckham and husband David Beckham to Kate Moss all posed for photos as the night continued on. While everyone appeared stylishly impromptu to the event, there was one look in particular that we could not take our eyes off. If you’re going to honor and celebrate Alexander McQueen, well than what better way than to wear a piece that would speak volumes of what McQueen’s work truly what – elegance and extravagance rolled into one.

English singer, FKA Twigs was photographed wearing an astonishing rainbow colored dress. The design of the dress featured shoulders that appeared to resemble wings of a bird, while the entire dress was made to look like feathers. Even the rainbow colored design of the dress could quite frankly be mistaken for the feathers of a tropical bird. Although the look happens to be more on the eccentric side, we can’t help but think that this would be exactly what Alexander McQueen may have wanted people to wear in his honor. Out of all of the look that night, FKA Twigs could not go unnoticed.

Finishing off her look, FKA Twigs wore a bright red lip to match the bust of her dress, while wearing a pair of black, open toe sandals. The dress was more than fashion, it was truly an art piece.

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  1. Galina P. Reply

    ok, i really love her look here

  2. Tracey Sevigny Reply

    McQueen was always about mixing art & fashion so this look really hit the nail on the head
    Good looks FKA Twigs

  3. tiff ortega Reply

    truly a beautiful look all around

  4. jen robare Reply

    the colors of the dress are breathtaking

  5. carlotta lindholm Reply

    eh, pretty weird tbh

  6. jolie g. Reply

    i understand the concept behind the dress, but i still wouldnt say that i love it

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