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Rihanna was looking fierce and toned for a day at the beach! Rihanna was photographed seen wearing an amazing metallic bathing suit that really showed her off her toned body. The upper body was adorned in a golden metallic triangle top with silver rhinestones embedded onto it. Her bikini bottoms matched her top, displaying the same metallic gold and rhinestones look, tying up to each side of her hip. Not many usually accessorize when it comes to a day out at the beach, but leave it to Rihanna to do so and keep it looking chic and fresh!

Rihanna wore a pair of golden hoops to complete her golden metallic look, adding a ring to her middle finger as well. Rihanna kept her hair natural and curly, while her face remained untouched by cosmetics! If there’s one celeb that we know for sure is beach body ready it sure is Rihanna! Her body appeared to be glowing from head to toe! Her long legs were bronzed and seem to travel on for miles, as her stomach was looking toned and sexy!

This metallic gold bathing suit really brought out the glow in her skin and is absolutely perfect for summer! A metallic bathing suit is a must have for summer this season as it is incredibly trendy and makes your body stand out! While walking onto the beach the sun will hit your bathing suit and really bring out your glowing skin this season! A bathing suit like this should be kept within your wardrobe ready to come out when the weather feels right!

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  1. tamika Reply

    rihanna always adorning herself in some type of beautiful clothing, even swimsuits…so envious xx

  2. Sapphire Reply

    she’s always wearing the most unique things….this bathing suit is too fierce…she’s on fire

  3. becky Reply

    SO HOT!!! rihanna’s body is out of this world

  4. taya Reply

    very beautiful!!!!!

  5. Kirsten Reply

    Wow that bathing suit is a beautiful color!

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