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Beyonce has been killing it in the fashion game as of lately. It seems that Queen Bey can truly do no wrong, and now it seems that the rules to that even apply to the world of fashion! With a body like her’s, Beyonce can honestly rock just about any look and appear fabulous – but, she also happens to have the best sense of style. Posing in a beautifully vibrant look, Beyonce was all smiles in an oversized jersey shirt and a very culturally inspired pencil skirt. Along with the colorful articles of clothing, Beyonce kept the theme going all the way through with a stunning pair of floral sandals.

If you’ve been dying to know all of the details on Beyonce’s entire look, then by golly you’re in luck! Here at The Styler we decided to scope the web for any clues as to what Beyonce was wearing in this gorgeous photoshoot. When it comes to the green oversized jersey top, Beyonce was wearing a $229 Stella Jean Abuelo Oversized T-Shirt which featured the word “Ouagadougou” on the front. For the skirt, Beyonce wore a $302 Multi Euprotto Skirt that featured a beautiful print of women with baskets of harvested fruits. Almost as important as the outfit itself, Beyonce wore a gorgeous pair of $639 Floral Embellished Leather Sandals.

Beyonce’s entire look just screams summer fashion, and if any of you were looking to splurge on a fun and carefree outfit for this season then this one might just be the one for you!

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  1. dora Reply

    this outfit is so cute 😀

  2. Emma P. Reply

    Love this!!!

  3. jayden makay Reply

    bey is slaying it w this one

  4. jenny dobuko Reply


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