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Demi Lovato is giving the pantsuit a whole new definition in the world of fashion. Goodbye drab camel colored khaki pants and hello to beautifully bold shades that emphasis a woman’s figure. For her appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Demi Lovato stepped out in with beauty and class. Her beautiful, new short hairstyle was styled to the side as she stepped out onto the stage. Her suit that she wore was a beautiful shade of royal blue with a floral pattern. The outfit suited her figure quite well if we might add!

This gorgeous suit is a two-piece made by Ted Baker, running for about $400 for the beautifully tailored suit jacket, and around $250 for the patterned pants. Demi styled the blazer with one button open, revealing what looks to be a small black fitted camisole. The detailing of the suit is divine, as it features a single button, along with a textured beautiful floral pattern that is seen along the entire suit. The entire suit is made to match, with the pants reaching ankle-length, designed to form to and flatter any woman’s silhouette.

The suit also comes with an additional pencil skirt option if you are interested in an even more feminine look. The pencil skirt features the exact same beautiful printed floral pattern and royal blue color, with a front slit in the side! Demi Lovato stunned us all when she stepped out on Jimmy Fallon’s show in such a chic and innovative piece!

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  1. daniella Reply

    beautiful pattern 🙂

  2. chelsea Reply

    she looks amazing, it makes her have a very hourglass figure 🙂

  3. ally Reply

    That suit rly does flatter her figure nicely

  4. sarah Reply

    Demi looks so beautiful 😀

  5. Gabby Reply

    she is such a great example for young girls with the way that she dresses! i luv her 🙂

  6. Elaine Reply

    gorgeous suit…the color is very rich 🙂

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