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Color blocking is the latest fad throughout the celebrity world. Color blocking is seen from actresses, Victoria Justice, to Nina Dobrev. If some of you out there don’t exactly know what color blocking is here is a brief explanation. Color blocking is the pairing of two solid bright colors that normally would not be considered complementary colors. When it comes to color blocking it’s either a hit or miss.

Seen photographed is former Disney star, Ashley Tisdale, performing a justice for color blocking. She is seen wearing an absolutely gorgeous color blocked dress that features a bright peach shade on top with a vibrant turquoise on the bottom. This dress gives off an extremely cheery vibe and you can’t help but turn your head to glare. This is an outfit that definitely appeals to the eye. Ashley matched up this color blocking dress with a pair of nude shoes leaving the bright colors up to the outfit without allowing the outfit to look tacky. Good choice, Ashley! She kept her accessories modest, as she wore a simple, elegant gold watch.

This beautifully vivacious dress really brings out Ashley Tisdale’s tanned skin and bronzed glow. She kept her shiny blonde hair parted to the side in loose waves while also rocking some purple peek a boo highlights! Credit is given where credit is due, and must we say Ashley Tisdale, you look absolutely stunning. Color blocking dresses, tops, and bottoms can be found at stores like Forever 21 and Wet Seal, but you don’t have to go out buying these ensembles, you can find a color blocking outfit within your wardrobe. Pair your hot pink crop top with a bright red pencil skirt and you’re already involved in the trend that is color blocking.

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  1. sandy Reply

    what a fantastic contrast, she really rocked that :))

  2. Lin Reply

    really love this blue & pink dress!! (:

  3. elaine Reply

    ashley tisdale looks amazingggggg

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