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Chrissy Teigen never disappoints when it comes to decking it out for her street style choices. Always a fabulous dresser, Chrissy was recently spotted walking around with an adorably chic outfit that gave heed to some country roots. Taking a trip out to Bristol Farms, Chrissy rocked a plain black t-shirt and a pair of cuffed denim shorts. What really caught our eye about Chrissy’s look were her fabulous pair of $890 Isabel Marant Etoile Rawson Brown Harness Boots. The super chic boots feature a pointed toe with a slight heel of 3.75″ to give Chrissy that perfect amount of height without causing her to tower over everyone else.

If you’re looking to splurge on the exact boots she wore, you can find the pair currently for sale at Barney’s. As far as the rest of her outfit, you can find some amazing dupes for great prices. A plain black t-shirt with a front pocket can be purchased for around $5 at Forever 21 and a great pair of cuffed denim shorts can be found at H&M or even American Eagle for $20-$30. What made Chrissy stand out even more was her super voluminous blonde hair that could be seen from a mile away! We love when celebs try out something new with their looks that breaks free from the status quo – you go, Chrissy!

Chrissy also wore a gorgeous black fringed purse at her side. A similar styled purse can be found at H&M as well for super cheap prices. We absolutely love this style on Chrissy!

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  1. Tiara Hendricks Reply

    love this look <33

  2. Selina Callier Reply

    Cute 🙂

  3. denae konkel Reply

    love the hair <33 she looks bomb

  4. Alla Reply

    She is stunning!!!!!

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