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Watch out for the checkerboard trend this upcoming fall! This beautiful old-fashioned black and while tiled style is finding it’s way back into the fashion world. The checkerboard print is quite flattering on all figures, as it helps to visually slim and give you a tall slender look! Checkerboard comes from all styles to jeans, shorts, pants, and tops and is not only in black and white but usually comes in this specific style which is why it is noted for its name “checkerboard.”

Checkerboard is extremely cute, stylish and can be extremely versatile. Not only can you wear a checkerboard skirt for an elegant day look but also for an edgier sexy nighttime look. If you’re going out to a club wear your checkerboard skirt with a black lace bralette and a pair of vibrant pink pumps to give your look a pop of color and complete your look! Checkerboard tops are also good for giving off a slimming appearance as the patterns stray away from any imperfections. Checkerboard shorts give off the illusion of a nice round bum and flatter your legs making them appear longer than they really are.

Checkerboard prints and styles can be found anywhere and come in many different uses. A checkerboard printed dress would not only give off a chic look paired off with some red lips and a sleek up-do, but would also look great for a couple of drinks with friends. This extremely all around print deserves a home in your wardrobe.

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  1. Lucia Reply

    This trend is adorable!

  2. Cynthia Reply

    Love it 🙂

  3. serena Reply

    can’t wait for fall 🙂

  4. maxine Reply

    saw jessica alba rocking checker print a while back..been obsessed ever since <33333

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