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Actress, Margot Robbie, is a stunning beauty all on her own. After making it big with her role in the hit film, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Robbie has been seen in tons of different films. This week, Robbie was spotted posing at the premier of the reboot of The Legend of Tarzan. The initial premiere took place in Hollywood, so Robbie made sure to stand out amongst all of the stars that fill the Hollywood streets. Instead of opting for the expected gown or dress, Robbie decided to throw all of us for a loop and instead donned a Gucci Fall 2016 Floral Embroidered Fur Cuff Gown.

The gown drew much inspiration from the Asian styled kimonos, as the gown emulated the style. A gorgeous floral design print is visible all across the gown, giving it an out of this world appearance. Fuzzy pink cuffs at the sleeves of the dress give it an eccentric and wildly unique look, adding a flirtatious vibe to the otherwise more formal dress. It seems that thigh high slits have been growing in popularity these days, as the gown also featured a very sultry cut at the side, showcasing Robbie’s lovely and toned legs. To finish off her look, Margot wore a simple pair of black strappy sandals to give her a bit of extra height.

We think the look was a great choice for Robbie as it had her standing out and trying something daring and new. What do you guys think of the Gucci Fur Cuff Gown?

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  1. Verlie Denning Reply

    not loving this look from margot :/

  2. Lulu Smock Reply

    It’s pretty, but I think Margot could have gone with something that would have complemented her better

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