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If you’re looking to go on a crazy splurge for this summer than look no further than the dress that Charlize Theron just wore! Photographed at the premiere of her fiancé’s, Sean Penn, new film, The Gunman,  Charlize looked absolutely stunning. Known for a killer body and particularly flawless face, Charlize wore a $5,200 Gucci Embroidered Fantasy Silk Georgette Dress. The dress was truly a sight to behold, especially on Theron’s toned and sculpted body. However, we really must focus in on the dress that stole our attention and made our mouths water as we tried to scurry around to find ways to raise $5,200 to buy the dress!

The dress worn by Charlize was made from a beautiful silk material, as it featured an elegant design of crystals, beads, and studs. The neckline of the dress was highly provocative low v-neck line and crossover design. The waist of the dress featured a cinch that could be pulled in tighter to create the illusion of a smaller waist and more hourglass figure through the detachable self belt. The hemline of the dress was just short enough to give Charlize a fantastic allure while not giving away too much! She brought the look together with an adorable silver clutch and black sandals.

We love the sheer elegance of the look coupled with an elusive provocative flair that the dress truly brought into the mix. Charlize truly shined on the red carpet as she accompanied her fiancé to his premiere – standing by his side, while looking absolutely breathtaking. 

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  1. stephanie tuley Reply

    obsessed w this dress
    if only i had an extra 5k to spend on it 🙁

  2. kimmy s. Reply

    charlize looks flawless

  3. laura mullings Reply

    gorgeous dress on a beautiful woman
    i wish i could afford it :/

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