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Candice Swanepoel’s most recent put together outfit has got us freaking out over the sheer cuteness of it! The best part of celebrity style is when they dress in ways that every day people like us can recreate within our own budgets. Although most of the times we see celebs in luxurious gowns being photographed […]

Halloween is here and that means that the costumes and ghouly creatures have come out to play. Halloween is a time where all of us let our creativity shine through the imaginative and fun outfits and makeup looks that we create from visions in our own heads. While we may get inspired from a movie […]

The beautiful English bred singer and television presenter, Rochelle Humes, most well-known for work in the english girl group The Saturdays was spotted recently in an absolutely beautiful coat. With the weather getting colder and the air feeling crisp it’s about time we pulled out our winter wardrobe and set it out to be worn […]

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters have now been at the top of the fashion food chain for as long as we can remember! No matter what the look or style, we can bet that one of these stylish sister’s has tried or has pulled off the look with absolute ease. It’s almost impossible to find […]

Australian model and Victoria Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr, is always dressed to kill with her fashion looks. The Victoria’s Secret model has the most fabulous taste in outfits, whether it’s a snazzy casual look or a strikingly gorgeous nighttime glam outfit. Regardless of the social situation, Miranda Kerr will arrive stunningly gorgeous, as if it […]

Olivia Palermo was turning heads in her recent street style wear. Looking incredibly fashionable and cozy as well, Olivia donned an insatiably beautiful multi-colored jacket that we just cannot get enough of! Not to mention, she wore the look with a matching pair of pumps! This style queen has got us picking up our jaws […]

If there is one woman’s whose fashion we always fall in love with it has got to be Rihanna. The gorgeous singer is always pulling off the most unique styles, setting her own boundaries and trends. Never one to be afraid to break away from the norm and pop up with the unusual Rihanna always […]

This year’s Fashion Rocks red carpet event took place on the evening of September 9 with celebrities gracing the red carpet with their iconic fashion looks. The mod style donned by the ladies of the evening was classy chic, as every woman at the event was turning heads with their signature look. From iconic singer […]

Drop a color bomb on your fall fashion this season by adding some neon in your usual neutral hues! Fall colors can become bland and dull after constant repetition, so adding a bright, bold shade can help lift up your spirits and liven your look! Seen in the photograph above, the model is seen wearing […]

Gwen Stefani was spotted rocking her usual unique, edgy style! If there’s one thing we can count on Gwen Stefani for is her unique taste and trend setting ways. Never one to stick to the status quo, Ms. Stefani has always had a keen eye for aesthetics and has never compromised her personal style for […]

Disney actress and beauty, Zendaya Coleman, was photographed looking absolutely hot in the sun in a little yellow bikini. Zendaya took the opportunity to soak up the last few weeks of sunshine left as she strutted in a bikini. The photographs of her on the beach, looking drenched from possibly swimming in the ocean, were […]

Now that summer is fading away from us to open the doors to fall you may want to rock all of your cutest summer outfits in the last few days before the weather really starts to get cold. If you’re planning a fun daytime date with your boyfriend for brunch, or just heading out with […]

Fall fashion is the perfect time to pull out those oversized statement pieces, such as sweaters and scarves, without having to pile on that huge winter coat. Beautiful color schemes and a wide range of style pieces and layers to choose from makes fall fashion one of the most fun and unique. Jennifer Grace, a […]

Rihanna is killing it again with another fashion must-have piece! Every time we see a new photo of Rihanna she’s adorned in a fabulous fashion statement. It’s even our belief that Rihanna is simply fashion’s most beloved muse. In recently released photos Rihanna was seen posing like a Greek goddess on top of a boat. […]

Kim Kardashian is the ultimate fashionista. When it comes to a new trend, Kim is always seen rocking it. She keeps up with what’s in and new, and that’s what we love about her! Usually seen rocking large waves and glamorous outfits, Kim Kardashian kept it simple and chic when it came to this fall […]

As summer fades away and fall begins, the fashion world starts to change. New trends are opened up before our eyes, and old ones make comebacks! Fall is an extremely gorgeous season and the fashion is always incredible, that is why when we saw this look we couldn’t help but write about it. This ensemble […]

Spring and summer are definitely two of our favorite seasons. Winter coats and scarfs are put away and florals and pastels are brought out. The bright vibrant colors seen throughout the fashion trends and around the world leave us with an extremely cheery atmosphere. Photographed above is an extremely stunning outfit that describes perfectly how […]

This sleek, city look is absolutely brilliant for a day or night about town. Not only is this outfit appropriate for a lunch with friends, but also as a dinner and nighttime outfit as well. Ah, don’t you guys just love versatile outfits as much as we do? The model is stunning in her attire, […]


Vanessa Hudgens is looking quite chic for this fall season. The ‘Spring Breakers’ actress was spotted wearing a dark green oversized dress with a long gray cardigan. The green dress has ruffles on top that accentuates Hudgens bust, making it seem visually larger while the dress reaches her mid thigh. The color is a very […]

Kendall Jenner is looking absolutely city chic as she walked around New York City with her Kardashian clan. All the sisters seem to be blessed with an incredible eye for fashion and that shows, as Kendall was photographed below/above. Kendall is wearing an incredibly beautiful color block dress that compliments her slender long frame. The […]


An all white look is one of the most beautifully crafted summer looks. When pulled off correctly, it can give you that iridescent glow. Whether you’re wearing it to an all white social event, a party on a yacht, or just brunch with the gals – an all white ensemble is a beautiful choice. In […]


Summer is here, and that means wedding season is upon us as well. If you know you’re going to be invited to numerous weddings, or even if it’s just that one huge one, you’re going to need to find an incredible outfit in which to show up in. However, finding an amazing dress in a […]

Credit must be given where credit is due, and this casual look deserves some credit! Sarah Mikaela of framboise fashion pulled off an effortlessly chic look. Most of the items Mikaela is wearing are pieces that you can probably already find in your own wardrobe! Comfort is essential, but with certain outfits, comfort can overtake […]

Rihanna was looking fierce and toned for a day at the beach! Rihanna was photographed seen wearing an amazing metallic bathing suit that really showed her off her toned body. The upper body was adorned in a golden metallic triangle top with silver rhinestones embedded onto it. Her bikini bottoms matched her top, displaying the […]

Zoe Saldana is looking so stunning in this dashingly elegant dress. She wore the dress so beautifully and looked absolutely stunning! Zoe is seen wearing a gorgeous little black number with sheer pieces and mesh detailing. The dress is absolutely striking for the autumn season coming up. The dress reaches right above the knee, placing […]

Watch out for the checkerboard trend this upcoming fall! This beautiful old-fashioned black and while tiled style is finding it’s way back into the fashion world. The checkerboard print is quite flattering on all figures, as it helps to visually slim and give you a tall slender look! Checkerboard comes from all styles to jeans, […]

Leather pants are definitely fall fashion material. They are so chic and sexy, and can be paired with most anything. Their tight fabric gives off an extremely flattering angle for your bum and legs. Mollie King knows how to style these trendy pants, that’s for sure! Mollie King, from the group “The Saturdays”, was seen […]

  Attention ladies! Houndstooth is back in style for this upcoming fall, and celebrities have been rocking modern day versions of this classic style. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian are taking this look to another level! Many girls are under the impression that houndstooth is hard to pull off, when in reality it’s […]