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Ok, so is it just us or does Cara Delevingne get better look each and every time we get a glimpse of her? The awesomely gorgeous and edgy super model has always got the most cutting edge outfits on! Cara was recently photographed at the YSL Loves Your Lips party in London, England. Her long lean legs looked appeared even longer in her chosen outfit. Cara wore a black, lace strapless dress that featured a navy blue lining underneath. The dress itself was beautiful and fitting for the occasion as it was classy and feminine with the slightest hint of edginess that worked in favor for Cara.

Keeping warm in the brisk weather, Cara wore a pair of black tights underneath the dress. Although usually a fashion faux pas to wear “socks” with open shoes, Cara’s black tights meshed in perfectly with her shoe choice. Cara wore a pair of open-toed sandals platform heels that gave the already lengthy model a beautiful, elongated figure. Cara finished off the look with a simple black blazer that gave her look a more mature appeal for the event. Accessories were kept mild as Cara wore some gold chain necklaces and a few bracelets around her wrists.

Her signature brows looked as daring and bold as ever, while her bright red lips truly stole the show. Overall, Cara’s sophisticated and mature look worked in her favor as she appeared to look absolutely stunning while still keeping true to her usually edgy self.

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  1. drucilla Reply

    she’s slayin it w/ this one :0

  2. selena ramirez Reply

    I srsly would kill 4 her brows tho =/

  3. Shannon K. Reply

    love her dress, it’s so simple and pretty!!!!!!!

  4. Liberty Solorio Reply

    cara looks bomb !!

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