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Cara Delevingne was spotted, flocked by paparazzi, as she headed out in a stunning little dress. Awarded the rank of The British Fashion Awards model of the Year, Cara has had quite the blessed year, indeed. Stepping out with friend and fellow model, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevinge was spotted wearing a Spring 2015 embellished dress from Tom Ford’s Spring 2015 Collection.

The tiny little dress from Tom Ford’s collection features thin straps connected to a sheer frontal design that features an embellished covering. The rest of the dress itself is quite short and tight, with a featured black design between the upper and lower part of the dress. The bottom half of the dress is form fitting and continues the embellished and quite colorful design.

Wearing the dress herself, Cara Delevingne paired it up with a simple black clutch which she used to shield herself against the brigade of paparazzi. For shoes, Cara thought simple with a pair of black thong strapped sandals. Rihanna, queen of the scandalous outfit as it seems as of late, also wore a dress from the same Tom Ford Spring Collection. Rihana’s version of the dress, however, was longer with a white gown, yet featured the same basic sheer top with embellished coverings.

Although worn quite differently from their runway counterparts, the women made Tom Ford proud with their stylish pairing. What do you think of Cara Delevingne’s choice of dress? Was it perfectly hot or a little too much?!


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  1. Sandra M. Reply

    gorgeous dress

  2. Casey Hagley Reply

    stunning O.O

  3. kheya Reply

    she’s sooo beautiful & lucky
    i would kill to wear a Tom Ford piece b4 it’s even out

  4. Judine Palmer Reply

    Thats a hot dress <3

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