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Candice Swanepoel’s most recent put together outfit has got us freaking out over the sheer cuteness of it! The best part of celebrity style is when they dress in ways that every day people like us can recreate within our own budgets. Although most of the times we see celebs in luxurious gowns being photographed on the red carpet, there are also times when they are just down to earth and human, wearing regular outfits that we can admire as well as recreate. In this most recently taken photograph, Candice Swanepoel was seen posing in a Victoria’s Secret store.

Candice’s bared a long and lean leg in the photo, showing off just how fit and tone she really is – after all, she is a model! Candice is seen wearing an adorably cozy and comfy looking black turtleneck sweater, with the sleeves rolled up in to elbow length. Matched up, Candice decided to pair the black turtleneck sweater up with a gorgeous burgundy leather mini skirt, with a sultry side slit. The side slit in turn revealed one killer toned leg!

To finish off the look, Candice wore a simple pair of black heels, nothing too crazy or flashy. A look like this is so perfect for a date night out, or a fun dinner date with some of your best girlfriend’s. The black turtleneck keeps the look warm and cozy, while the burgundy mini skirt carries with it all of the lustrous appeal! Overall, this look is a real winner in our list!


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  1. Beth Reply

    adorable look!

  2. diana Reply

    IN LOVE w/ her skirt <3333

  3. lorri Reply

    so chic and sexy!!!! i rly luv it …
    i’m going to be on the lookout for a skirt like hers!

  4. trina Reply

    perfect outfit idea for my date on saturday!!!!!

  5. Connie Reply

    candice is GORGEOUS!!! i am jealous 😡

  6. payton Reply

    such a cute outfit!! i love her style <33

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