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One of the hottest trends that we just can’t seem to get enough of are chambray a.k.a. button down denim tops. This chic statement piece is an incredible staple in any woman’s closet as it is incredibly versatile. Fall, winter, spring, or summer a button down denim top can be worn all throughout the year.

Button it up all the way and pair it with some leggings during the fall for a warm look that’s absolutely chic. During the summer, keep those buttons down all the way with a white tank top underneath and a pair of denim shorts to rock that denim on denim look!

One of our recent favorite combinations of denim button downs is with high waisted pencil skirts…and can you blame us?! They look so incredibly stylish and sleek when paired up! In the photo above you can see the model rocking a buttoned denim top that is knotted on the bottom for a grunge flair. The pencil skirt, which we absolutely love, has a gorgeous snake printed that makes the whole outfit stand out. It screams bold and fierce.

The most beautiful thing about an awesome duo paired outfit like this one is that it can be worn anywhere. The button down shirt and snake printed pencil skirt are appropriate for the workplace, school, or even a casual day or night out, and there’s nothing more fabulous than a versatile outfit!

Adding a denim button down to your wardrobe will help complete any fashionista’s closet!

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  1. joanna Reply

    so simple and pretty 🙂

  2. adele Reply

    how gorgeous! i would def wear something like this to the office 🙂

  3. Daniella Reply

    how creative! i would have never thought to match up a denim top with a snake print skirt :O

  4. Fatima Reply

    super cute!!!!! i rly need to buy a denim button down now!!!

  5. jenny Reply

    LOVE THIS!!! SUPER STYLISH!! i need a chambray top now!

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