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One of our favorite trends definitely has to be boho style – so once we saw this outfit we couldn’t resist talking to you about it! Let’s break down this gorgeous ensemble together. Seen in the photograph above, this model is wearing an absolutely gorgeous and chic off the shoulder white blouse. This blouse is stunning as it accentuates the model’s bust while flowing so effortlessly throughout her mid section. Let us not forget the stunning embroidery located at the bottom of the blouse, creating an intricate design and continuing onto a gorgeous stringed boho look.

The sleeves are designed to hang loosely and create such a relaxed atmosphere. The model completed this sexy summer look with a pair of distressed high-waisted shorts that were extremely light wash and contributed to the effortless vibe this look is giving off. The shorts are beautifully made with slight fraying towards the ends. When accessorizing this look, the model kept it simple, keeping the bohemian look with a few golden bangles thrown onto one wrist. Talk about a gorgeous outfit right here. The white cream color really brings out the models bronzed summer skin making it seem as though she is glowing.

This look is extremely effortless yet laidback and sexy so it’s no wonder the model was chosen to rock such gorgeous tousled caramel curls. This outfit is the definition of a beautifully well-put together outfit. You don’t need glam and a horrendous amount of accessories to make your look stunning and stand out. This model did the exact opposite and yet we cant seem to stop staring!

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  1. angie Reply

    the top is too die for! looks amazingly comfy =]]]

  2. gulianna Reply

    amazing top. love the fringe at the bottom of it. need to find something similar 4 myself 🙂

  3. Emily Reply

    This look would be perfect for a festival…have to have it!!

  4. Gabi Reply

    this look is stunning, it’s so simple

  5. Lindsey Reply

    boho is my fav style, this looks great

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