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Queen Bey has been killing it with her style lately! The beauty that is Beyonce has been supplying us all with endless amounts of fashion looks that she has been updating onto her personal webpage and Instagram. Each style is more beautiful and intriguing than the last, leaving us constantly wanting more. This week, Beyonce wore a stunning bright pink skirt that she paired up with a simple white tank top. The look is perfect for the warmer weather that is approaching us, as the beautifully bright shade of the skirt is getting us all amped up for summertime!

Becoming one of Beyonce’s absolute favorite designers to wear, she rocked a $694 Stella Jean Dugongo prink skirt. The beautiful pink skirt featured a lovely wrap around design and a fun corn print that graced itself all over. Besides the vibrant skirt, Beyonce also threw in some fun accessories to keep the look even more daring. Beyonce’s Miu Miu Oslo clutch in a stunning yellow shade with silver studs all around looked spectacular next to the bright pink skirt. Along with that she wore a fab pair of $15 Quay Ohmi sunglasses and a fun pink pair of Azzedine Alaia studded suede sandals.

Overall Beyonce’s entire look was a fun spirited, vibrant look that is perfect for this upcoming summer season. Feel free to splurge on the essentials of her look to pull off a very Bey inspired style. Vibrant colors and stunning accessories is what this entire summer’s style is about!

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  1. Kara Coale Reply

    bey is always rocking it 🙂

  2. Tianna Weiland Reply

    I love this style!!!

  3. miesha p. Reply

    love the african vibe <3

  4. danni Reply

    everything goals<3333 bey looks too good

  5. yazmine s. Reply

    such a beautiful shade of pink ^.^

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