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Beyonce has really put a new spin on ‘hipster’ chic lately as we follow her fashion exploits through the months. Steering clear of predictable casual looks, Beyonce has come to embrace a more creative side to her fashion choices. Maybe it’s because she has gotten to a more mature stage of her life, or maybe it’s because she has a daughter now that looks up to her, but Beyonce has been quite tasteful with her looks as of lately. In the most recently snap shot photo of the Queen, Beyonce is seen standing in a cute get-up, with her cutie pie daughter, Blue Ivy, running through the pic.

Seen with a huge smile on her face, Beyonce was captured wearing a black and white striped top pairing it up with a very pale pink skirt. The real piece that stood out in the mixture of stripes and subdued colors was Beyonce’s Givenchy Wool and Sequins Biker Layered Coat that costs $6, 150. Talk about a crazy amount for such an edgy coat. The coat itself features an array of designs, like a high standing collar, golden sequins on the very front, red shoulder design, and a side zipper.

Beyonce’s coat, we can quite safely say, is truly one of a kind. If you’re looking to purchase the coat for yourself check out or where it is currently on sale for $3, 382! If you’re willing to dish out the cash for such a unique coat that Beyonce has endorsed herself, you will truly stand out in the middle of a crowd this winter season.

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  1. mikki Reply

    beyonces outfit is cute but that coat has 2 much going on tbh

  2. olivia martucci Reply

    cool coat, i like seeing bey’s fashion sense evolving 🙂

  3. Dominque Schade Reply

    LOL @ blue ivy’s hair tho >.<

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