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Beyonce was looking incredibly stylish as she strutted throughout town in New York City. Heading out for an array of business meetings, Beyonce decided to keep her hair in tact from the previous night at the Met Gala, meaning that her beautiful high, blonde ponytail stayed on for another night. Our favorite Beyonce looks have almost always been her at her most casual, so when we saw this look we immediately fell in love. What we see here is Beyonce rocking a $2,805 Balenciaga Basketweave Crepe Jacket along with a DIY By Panida Guns N Roses tee.

To throw even more edge into the look, Beyonce wore a fabulous pair of distressed denims that completely brought the outfit together. The Balenciaga piece that Bey wore was from the Spring 2015 runway, and featured some amazing detailing such as belted cuffs and storm flaps. The jacket really brought together a look that otherwise would have been more 80s retro. The t-shirt that Bey wore was specially customized just for her with a wonderful array of bedazzles surrounding the Guns N Roses symbol. Bringing a dose of color into the look, Bey finished the look off by donning a gorgeous pair of bright red pumps.

This look of Bey’s has definitely become one of our absolute faves, as we hope to splurge on a couple of dupe items to recreate this look for ourselves! What do you guys think of Beyonce’s retro street style? Leave a comment down below!


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  1. Piper Olszewski Reply

    she looks rly cute here

  2. tawana hodel Reply


  3. janella Reply

    the jacket is amazing <333

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