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Beyonce turned major heads at the 2015 Met Gala Costume Institute Ball in an outfit that was truly out of this world. Dressed in excellence, Beyonce wore a sheer tulle evening dress – which would have been show stopping enough on it’s own, but Beyonce had bigger plans. Queen Bey decided that for this Gala event, her outfit would have to shine just a little bit brighter than everyone else’s. In order to accomplish that, Bey’s dress was in turn covered with multicolored stones by Givenchy. The result? A gorgeous display of multicolored beauty that gave Beyonce an almost amorous glow.

To ensure that all eyes would be fixated on the dress and not some other minor detail, Beyonce wore her beautiful blonde hair up in a very high ponytail. The ponytail was styled off to the side, giving her a very funky 80s feel. Beyonce’s body looked amazing underneath the sheer material as well, as her newly acquired diet and workout strategy have done wonders for her. Keeping her makeup simple, Beyonce rocked a very fresh looking face with a dewy finish. A touch of cat liner gave her makeup the extra bit of glamorous edge that she needed to truly complement the multicolored stones.

We’re going to have to give Beyonce an round of applause for this look. Her dress, body, hair and makeup have never looked more on point – and we’re left in complete and total shock over just how good she looked!

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  1. Michelle Flores Reply

    nice dress 🙂

  2. katya k. Reply

    Real queen!!!

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