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Model Bella Hadid has been killing it in the fashion arena these past couple of months. Making huge waves in the modeling industry, Bella has been the absolute talk of the town lately. Working in tune with her older sister, Gigi, the Hadid sisters have been taking over the modeling world. This week, Bella attended the huge birthday bash thrown by fellow model, Kate Upton. For the night out, Bella decided to channel her inner rocker chick and wear an outfit that we weren’t necessarily expecting from her. Instead of going the sultry and provocative route, Bella wore a much more shabby chic look.

Bella’s outfit consisted of a Fall 2016 Moschino Logo Oversized Intarsia Wool Sweater. The sweater is meant to be worn as a mini dress and incorporates a playful wordplay stating, “quitting fashion now greatly reduces serious risks to your health.” The dress is made from multicolored mid-weight virgin wool and features ribbed trims for structure. You can grab the sweater dress on the NET-A-PORTER site for a note worthy price of $650. To finish off her look, Bella wore a stunning pair of thigh high boots. The boots are a black color and appear to be made from a suede material. Clutching onto a little black purse at her side, Bella and her faux fringe looked absolutely stunning for Kate Upton’s big birthday bash.

What do you guys think of Bella’s outfit choice for a birthday party? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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  1. Lizbeth Hanel Reply

    LOVE this dress!!!

  2. marina ryland Reply

    i would def wear something like this ^.^

  3. vicky prichard Reply

    super cute

  4. mitzi sauro Reply

    oh i love bella
    she always looks so good

  5. Kalyn Ridder Reply

    YES!!! Amazing look

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