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We all know Miss Grande is notorious for her short skirts and crop tops, but Ariana Grande was seen looking rather “chill” this weekend as she was photographed around West Hollywood. Grande was seen wearing a pair of black leggings and an oversized “North Western” sweatshirt. The “One Last Time” singer is usually incredibly glammed up for her concerts, so we love seeing this more relaxed side of Ariana Grande.

With her hair up in her infamous ponytail, and exchanging her sky-high heels for a pair of sneakers, Ariana Grande pulls effortless off so well. Ariana managed to add a bit of chic into this sporty look with a black and white clutch that we adored. Recreating Ariana Grande’s everyday look is incredibly simple and leaves you feeling comfortable all while looking casual. Whether it be running errands or a quick shopping trip, we love this comfy and sporty ensemble. With a pair of black leggings (who says they aren’t pants!) and your favorite sweatshirt, this outfit can be thrown on in a matter of seconds.

To get Ari’s baggy sweatshirt look, make sure to purchase a sweater a few sizes larger to emphasize maximum comfy-ness. Pop on your favorite sneakers, and your good to go! Ariana Grande’s everyday hairstyle is also incredibly easy to do, pick up all of your hair into a high ponytail, and wrap a thin strand of hair around the rubber band to hide it. This trick is perfect for when you don’t have a matching colored band to your hair.

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  1. Carrie Sanchez Reply

    omg she looks so pretty here!!!

  2. vicky bouton Reply

    love the outfit 😀

  3. teresa Reply

    ariana’s hair is so ON POINT

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