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Ariana Grande is known for dressing in 60’s era inspired attire and pulling it off flawlessly. This actress/singer was spotted looking absolutely gorgeous in this getup as she walked along the streets with paparazzi and fans crowding her. Seen on Grande was a gorgeous, pastel purple, oversized sweater that reached her mid thigh. This color brought out her gorgeous tanned skin and accentuated her small petite frame. For shoes, Ariana Grande decided on a pair of funky all white go-go girls shoes that are chunky and reach right under her knee. These leather disco shoes gave her that extra height needed for someone as tiny as she.

When it came to accessories, Ariana wore a gorgeous quilted white bag with gold infused throughout the chain and a few gold pieces on the small bag. Ariana Grande ditched her usual half up/half down signature look for a straight and tousled hairstyle, pinning her bangs up out of her face, and may we say she looks absolutely stunning. For makeup, Ariana Grande wore a beautiful cat eye that resembled former 50 and 60’s actress, singer, and sex symbol Brigitte Bardot’s. Her brown eyes stood out as she wore a pink lipstick that made her lips look beautifully plumped. A look like this would be quite simple to achieve. Pair any of your oversized sweaters that are tucked away in the back of your closet with a gorgeous pair of booted heels and rock Ariana Grande’s retro look.

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  1. Cynthia Reply

    I am so jealous of Ariana!!!!

  2. Klaudia Reply

    Sooooo cute! She is insanely beautiful, i luv her style <3

  3. christina Reply

    such a perfect retro look….idk how she does it!!!!

  4. kat Reply

    This outfit is so feminine & flirty <33 I dress the exact same way 😀

  5. cecile Reply

    I Love Ariana’s Style <3 It is SUPER cute!!!!!!!

  6. Sharon Reply

    i get my entire fashion sense from ariana!!! ;D xxx

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