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An all white look is one of the most beautifully crafted summer looks. When pulled off correctly, it can give you that iridescent glow. Whether you’re wearing it to an all white social event, a party on a yacht, or just brunch with the gals – an all white ensemble is a beautiful choice.

In the picture above, we have a beautiful example of an all white ensemble worn right. The pure white dress incorporates a deep v-cut exposing cleavage for an alluring air. The pleats in the bottom half of the dress give it a more elegant appeal, as it resembles an Egyptian goddess. This look would work best with already bronzed skin, as the white can make paler skin look more washed out. Bronze skin will glow when placed in an all white outfit, as the white will contrast the skin color.

The white strappy heels chosen, fit perfectly with the white hue of the dress. Beware of off-white colors, such as cream, that will completely throw off an outfit like this. Once again, the white clutch was a perfect match up against the pure white colors of the dress and shoes. The accessories were kept to a minimal, with a few silver rings and one single silver bracelet worn as to not take attention away from the dress.

All females should have a white dress hanging in her closet for this summer!

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  1. Hilary Reply

    All I can say is….HOT!!

  2. mikayla Reply

    very nice!!!! luv this <3333

  3. Trinity Reply

    TOO PRETTY!!! i think i’m in love <3

  4. Robyn Reply

    Oh my gosh, I’m in love with this all white look for summer… skin will look even more bronzed 😀

  5. katya Reply

    WOW this outfit is FIERCE!!! Buying an all white dress for summer now

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