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Alessandra Ambrosia is one of many Victoria’s Secret models that really know how to keep it glam on the runway yet casual and chic out on the streets. Alessandra was photographed on a laidback day out, looking incredibly stylish and trendy, as she always seems to. Alessandra Ambrosia was seen wearing a tan long V-neck tee with what seemed to be a navy tank top underneath just slightly peeking out from her slouchier top.

She tucked in her tan top inside of her light washed frayed short shorts that showed off her amazingly toned legs. On top of this casually cute outfit Alessandra completed the look with a white fitted jacket that flowed so effortlessly throughout this look. Leave it to Alessandra to look amazing on and off the runway. For shoes, Alessandra kept it chic with a pair of wedged copper toned sneakers with the laces wrapped around the boot giving her an extra lift and extending the look of her already long legs.

Alessandra Ambrosia wore a pair of face framing sunglasses and a gorgeous white leather bag with gold pieces embedded onto it. Her normally voluminous Victoria’s Secret angel hair was sleek and straight for a more relaxed look. An outfit like this would be simple to achieve with stuff lying around your own wardrobe, and if not, similar pieces can be found at retail stores such as Forever 21, H&M, and Charlotte Russe for affordable prices.

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  1. Grace Reply

    this outfit looks soo comfortable 4 an every day kind of look 😀

  2. amber Reply

    her legs are to die for :O unfair, love the whole look <3

  3. Vanessa Reply

    the shoes r cute

  4. cassie Reply

    i am obsessed with sneaker wedges 🙂 they always make me feel so much taller since im 5’1

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