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Fashion seems to run through the Knowles family blood, because Beyonce and her gorgeous sister, Solange, have always got their looks right on point! Recently spotted at the H&M Conscious Fashion Show, Beyonce’s little sister, Solange, was looking fashionably chic in her ultra cute get-up. It’s not every day that we get to focus in on Solange’s amazing fashion sense as we have to evenly divide the spotlight – but this week we just simply couldn’t resist! Paris Fashion Week is all the rage in the fashion world, so it is no wonder that Solange brought her A-game forward when posing for photographs.

Wearing a fabulous two piece get-up, Solange looked Paris chic in a halter top and wide legged trousers. The neutral palette of Solange’s look was a great change of pace for her, as her eccentric energy has always been quite visible in her outfit choices. From bright shades and vivid patterns, Solange loves to dress herself up in looks that will really catch eyes. With this look, however, Solange completely toned it down. Aside from her beautiful matching top and bottom, Solange wore the cutest pair of fuzzy toed heels that also featured a more cool, neutral tone of grey.

Brightening up the look in true Solange style, she paired the look off with a fun and thematic purse that featured the cartoon face of a character with bright pink lips – which she so happened to match as well! Solange’s look was definitely on point with this one!

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  1. susanna bentz Reply

    i am loving solange’s look here!!!

  2. hildegarde simpson Reply

    her lipstick shade is gorgeous 🙂

  3. Winifred Taylor Reply

    solange’s shoes r too cute!! i need to know who designed them

  4. maisha harlan Reply

    yassss!! solange slayin it with this one

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