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Eva Mendes is looking exceptionally gorgeous in this feminine ensemble. Who says that when walking the dog you cant look fabulous?! Eva is pictured wearing a matching getup and puling it off flawlessly. She starts off her look with a plain casual v-neck white tee, but really pulls this look together with an oversized floral blazer with the sleeves rolled up revealing a taupe color. Her pants match the blazer with an identical floral print, remaining slightly baggy yet still managing to show off Eva’s incredible figure with the cinching bottom hem.

We aren’t the only ones getting an 80’s vibe from this look are we? She kept her shoes within the color scheme choosing a pair of brownish nude glossy pumps that matched flawlessly to her outfit. Eva Mendes chose a tannish pink handbag that coordinated great with her outfit, as well as a pair of sunglasses hanging at the v of her t-shirt. Not many accessories were thrown together for this blast from the past look except for a silver band seen on Eva’s ring finger.

Eva Mendes’ silky, shiny brunette locks were flowing flawlessly through the wind as she kept her hair parted to one side, allowing her bangs to frame her face. Eva kept her makeup to a minimum leaving her plump lips bare and her eye makeup neutral to none. This outfit is so chic and trendy, and can even be worn to the office. The floral scheme and pastels are perfect for spring and summer while also creating a chic vibe.

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  1. Brianna Reply

    this is such a beautiful, well put together look…!!!

  2. Miranda Reply

    Love how everything matches so perfect, spot on!!! (y)

  3. christina Reply

    very classy & retro, great look :)))

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