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Jessica Gomes, the illustrious Australian model who has appeared in numerous swimsuit issues, has got an exotic look that just simply can’t be tamed. From being such a well-known heartthrob to men of all ages – even being mentioned in a Kanye West rap lyric, Jessica Gomes has got the world at her feet. Recently photographed attending the Heidi Klum Intimates Launch in Sydney, Jessica Gomes wore a stunning gown that will not be easily forgotten. Living in the world of high fashion, model’s seem to have a certain loving relationship with fashion designers from all over.

Seen on Jessica was a long black gown from the Australian designers Camilla and Marc. Staying true to her heritage, Jessica donned a dress from designers of her own native land. The stunning gown featured a crossover top design that looked incredibly texturized. While the material at the top looked much more thick and textured, the long gown revealed a more light feel as the bottom skirt portion was constructed from silk. The end result was a gown that screamed elegance and class as Jessica Gomes strode through the event. The Luminous Dress as it is called can be purchased at the Camilla and Marc website for $542.14 if you’re willing to splurge on it!

The mixture of satin and suit textures makes this dress incredibly eye appealing as it enhances your silhouette and gives you an elongated look. Jessica Gomes absolutely stunned and shined in her beautiful black gown.

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  1. clarinda abrams Reply

    wow!! jessica gomes looks so chic in that gown

  2. Rhea Reply

    Love!!! She looks beautiful 🙂

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